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Janine Dowling, Life Coach

Your partner in creating your best life.

    Do you find yourself saying:
  • “Is this all life has to offer?”
  • “I’m not looking forward to going to work today.”
  • “I have an idea and I just can’t make it happen.”
  • “I’m in a rut.”
  • “I’m ready for more.”

  • These thoughts don’t mean something is wrong with you.
    They mean you are ready for change.


Closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a professional relationship that helps people produce amazing changes in their lives and within organizations. Coaches and clients work in partnership to identify areas in need of change, learn how to challenge the thoughts and behaviors that hold them back, and create plans for taking action. Coaching is not therapy, consulting, or mentoring. It is focused on the present and the future, not on the past. It is a unique relationship that addresses client-defined areas that are no longer satisfying — areas that hold them back from living their best life. It is an empowering and action-oriented alliance. It is based on the belief that the client is the expert and the answers are within us all. It is a relationship that is equally challenging and supportive.


How is coaching structured?

Coaching can take place over the phone, thus freeing clients and the coach from the constraints of travel, time, and location. The freedom of only needing a phone and a quiet space for the call means that coaching is easy to fit into anyone’s life, no matter how busy. I offer a free 30 minute consultation on the phone to explore the ideas you have about your life and new directions. During this call we both engage to see if our partnership is a good mutual fit. We also establish what your goals are and if my practice is a good match for you. If we are not a match, I will offer ideas for exploring other professionals that may better assist you. If we are a good fit we will contract for a specific number of sessions in a limited time frame, depending on the goals you define. For example, we might hold 4-6 sessions every two weeks for 8-12 weeks.


Coaching cycle


Life Coaching

  • Life satisfactions
  • Transitions in Life
  • Creating purpose in life
  • Stress Management
  • Procrastination
  • Self confidence
  • Changing negative thought patterns
  • Changing behaviors around your weight
  • Developing new interests and passions
  • Creating balance in your life

Career Coaching

  • Developing new paths for your current career
  • Increasing work satisfaction
  • Improving work relationships
  • Creating an entirely new career
  • Networking
  • Exploring new ideas
  • Finding purpose in work
  • Starting a new business 


Janine Dowling

Janine Dowling is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She received her Master’s in Social Work from the Boston University School of Social Work. As a therapist in the Boston area she focused on working with individuals, couples, and families. She was particularly interested in working on dynamics between people, supporting them to resolve communication issues, mutual life goals, and the impact of moods and stress on their relationships. In addition to talk therapy, she explored mindfulness, stress management, and cognitive-behavioral techniques to help foster change.

She received her coach training from The Institute for Life Coach Training. This school specializes in transitioning therapists into the coaching field. So many of our natural skills as therapists are valuable as a coach, and yet there are important and powerful skills that coaching provides. Being able to listen to another person on several levels and thinking of the big picture helps Janine hold space for her clients to develop new skills. Going through their training coursework has energized her focus on supporting people in realizing their goals. She enjoys partnering with clients as they remove what blocks their best life from emerging. Using powerful questioning, direct communication, and a cognitive behavioral coaching framework supports her client’s movement toward their results.

As a former therapist I have always enjoyed working with people toward change. In addition to my therapy background, I developed and ran a successful business outside of the therapeutic field. As an entrepreneur I have a unique perspective on the challenges of developing and running a business in this increasingly fast-paced world. The dynamic between people, their businesses, and their lives is a consistent pressure in striving for balance. Having the unique perspective of a successful career change adds a personal dimension to my understanding of career development, transitions, and organizational challenges.

I look forward to talking with you.


Change is within us all.

"I began working with Janine

at a time when I was very confused and ambivalent around my career/business goals. It usually takes me quite some time to warm up to others, however Janine’s approach immediately drew me in. Janine‘s warmth and caring nature made me feel completely understood and accepted on every call. She held me accountable and challenged me in a way that allowed me to think, “bigger and without limits.” Our time together gave me more clarity and helped me to create a specific and concrete plan focused around expanding my business. The knowledge, insight, and inspiration I gained from our calls has been extremely valuable. Thanks Janine!"
-- C. D.

"Janine is an amazing coach!

She is kind, thoughtful and understanding but no-nonsense. She has helped me beyond what I thought I needed when we started working together and gently urged me to go further. With her guidance I have found more peace in my current life and a calm excitement in planning what is to come."
-- C. S.

"Janine has an uncanny ability

to take a complex work situation, boil it down to its essence, and then help you sort out what you would like to do. Our work together was proactive and direct and she helped me figure out an action plan on how to proceed with a difficult client. Janine is kind, very intelligent, and compassionate as well as a keen observer and listener. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
-- A. K.

"Quick and powerful.

I've tried many things to make changes in my life but none have been as effective as Janine's coaching. She helped me get right to the heart of the matter quickly and move into action. No more procrastination!"
-- B. J.

"Janine has been an incredible force

in my journey. I came to her very unsure about how to make an important change in my life. She supported me in my decision to change careers, cheered my progress, and gave me tools to address my personal roadblocks when they came up. I have carried this desire with me for 10 years but could not figure out how to make it happen. In 4 months we have made breakthrough after breakthrough and I see a clear pathway toward a new and exciting chapter in my life."
-- H. K.

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